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Re: HP NAC 800

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HP NAC 800

Well, we have taken the plunge and bought 2 of these devices in order to start 802.1x
Initially we will be just using mac-authentication but plan to move to dynamic vlans etc as we get our heads round the solution. For the moment they will just be running as free-radius servers.

We plan to use LDAP as the backend auth server, and this is where I am getting confused and could do with some help.
Can anyone point me in the direction of some good references or guides on what we will need to add to our LDAP schema in order for mac-auth to work with the NAC800?
I have had a look on the free-radius site, but it is not that apparent which attributes I need for this work as there are so many and Im not sure what version of radius the NAC is running.
We plan on a completely seperate container in our schema to handle .1X, so there is a blank sheet to work on.
Can anyone help?
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Re: HP NAC 800

Is anyone else running a NAC800?
What were the minimum LDAP attributes that you needed to get this to work?
Any help greatly appreciated

Re: HP NAC 800

We've done several NAC's but have only used the NAC RADIUS as a local RADIUS or proxy the Windows IAS servers. I know one of my guys tried working with LDAP once for a test but was not successful but can't recall the details of why it wasnt.