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HP NC380T Boot ROM initialization fails -Invalid configuration data

anantha hari
Occasional Visitor

HP NC380T Boot ROM initialization fails -Invalid configuration data


I'm using HP NC380T NIC on Dell PowerEdge 1850.
I have updated NIC firmware for iSCSI Boot, Updated configuration parameters using "EV.EXE tool"
When I reboot system for iSCSI configuration menu, BIOS detects Option ROM and fails initialization with following error data.

"Starting iSCSI Boot Option ROM Initialization..
Invalid Configuration Data"

While configuring Boot ROM using EV tool at DOS prompt, it completes operation successfully and when I try to extract data with the help of EV tool (command:EV -p) it fails with the following error.
"EV.EXE:Invalid configuration (csum & version)"

No information/technical support available in HP/broadcom(as HP uses broadcom chip) websites.

Here with I request you all to help me out, to overcome this problem.

Configuration file used:
# Copyright 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
# All Rights Reserved
# 02/30/08 jpd. For 1.2.2 NC37x iSCSI BIOS
# Consult the IETF iSP iSCSI for details of these items.
# Name of the iSCSI Target. Must match what the target offers.
# Hard coded Target IP .. No DNS support
# local name the iSCSI client will present to the Target
# and local IP settings. No DNS or DHCP support

## Locally Admin Address (MAC address) and VLAN (Enabled/Disabled)
## LUN Mapping
## Replaces Embedded HD C:\ (if present) regardless of RBSU controller order.
## Should be set to False for servers that support the network adapter in the
## RBSU controller order menu.
## Set to True for Windows 2003 installation. Set to false for Linux installation.
## Leaves Int 13 interface enabled to avoid TCP/IP timeouts during long
## periods of inactivity.
## Set to True for Windows 2003 installation using pure HBA TOE mode.
# Set false for Windows to boot NDIS native.
# Set to false for Linux installation.

# Digest (CheckSum) data or Headers. Must match target setting.
## Account Login information
# . The AuthMethod values are: None,CHAP, and (TwoWay) MutualCHAP,
Thanks in advance.




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Nikolay Shadrin
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP NC380T Boot ROM initialization fails -Invalid configuration data

Having the same problem here with NC370T. Makes the iSCSI boot feature somewhat unusable.

Any ideas?
Michael T Howard
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP NC380T Boot ROM initialization fails -Invalid configuration data

I am experiencing the same issue.

I have a PCI-X bus NC370T and a PCIe bus NC373T.

Both have the same problem. I have spent several days working on this ... with no luck.

After playing around with upgrading/downgrading the firmware under both MS-DOS and win2k3 I was able to get the NC370T to take the configuration.

However, getting the iSCSI configuration flashed into the NC370T was not sufficient ... it still refuses to install the Int13h BIOS handler properly.

Windows won't install ... and it will not iSCSI boot to an MS-DOS LUN on the iSCSI SAN.

I have quite a bit of practical experience with iSCSI boot: QLogic QLA4050C iSCSI HBA, emBoot, etherboot/gPXE, Intel e1000 iSCSI boot ...

The Intel isboot implementation is also quite immature, but at least it works.

This so-called "product offering" from HP/Broadcom is a disgrace.