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HP Network Team Load balancing with 2650's

Mark Simmonds_2
Occasional Contributor

HP Network Team Load balancing with 2650's


We currently have upgraded our LAN, and using 2650's with a 2G trunk to a 5308.
To make the LAN more resilient we have plugged one connection in one 2650 and another in a different 2650. However we have noticed that when the server is set-up as switch assisted load balancing, we keep losing connection to the server. Is this a known problem?

Thinking about it, I can understand that the switch may have problems with the virtual MAC address the team uses, but would have thought that this was possible.

The only way I can see us resolving this issue is to plug them in to the same switch? or creating a virtual stack of 2650's.

Any ideas?
Mark Simmonds_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Network Team Load balancing with 2650's

Just found:

Looks like either tlb or slb (in a virtual stack).