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HP-PB 802.3 LAN leds


HP-PB 802.3 LAN leds


I have an HP-PB 802.3 LAN card which Xcvr/Net led is flashing.
The network works but I was just wondering what this led means....
On the card there's a note : FLASH Xcvr/Net Fail, but the led is flashing and the network works !!
I didn't find any documentation on these cards.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-PB 802.3 LAN leds

See if the info here applies:



"Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone. The problem
turned out to be that I did not have the SQE(heartbeat)
switch set on the transceiver. After I flipped that switch
and restarted the system, no more blinking led. Since
everything else seemed to be working correctly with the
switch in the "wrong position", (talking on the lan ok, linkcontrol
showing no errors, nothing in the NMLG@ files, etc.) in my mind,
this begs the question, "is there more to the SQE signal than
keeping a led from being lite"? I'm sure there is, but there
was certainly nothing apparent?"


Re: HP-PB 802.3 LAN leds

Thanks for the quick response....
I can't see any switch on the transceiver...
The thing is that I change the card because the old one was out of order.
On the old one there was no led flashing and I placed the jumper in the same position (in order to use AUI port)on the new card...