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HP PCM+ traffic monitoring problem

Krister Sallinen
Occasional Contributor

HP PCM+ traffic monitoring problem


I have problems to monitor traffic in PCM.
We have few procurve switches, example 2524, 2626 and 2824. Problem is that I can't get PCM traffic monitor to work for these switches.
In interconnected devices/traffic devices I see devices, but it only say "device added-no data" in "Last arrival of data"-column.
I have set SNMP communities to "public" in switches and also set trap receiver to PCM-workstation IP.
Everything seems to work, exept the statistics. (I can connect device manager, retrieve config, receive other snmp-traps to events).
PCM version is A.01.09 (full trial period going). Workstation where it is installed, is W-XP SP1.

Any ideas?

Re: HP PCM+ traffic monitoring problem

I experience the same - even with the release 1.5 released a few days ago. I've tried everything and just pent 1 hour looking through tese forums. There are apparently a lot of people experiencing this - BUT NO SOLUTIONS!!!
I anyone has heard fro mHP or know what's wrong, please come forward :0)