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HP PROCURVE managed switch combined with dlink 100MB switch

Occasional Contributor

HP PROCURVE managed switch combined with dlink 100MB switch

I had an old 100MB procurve hub which had a dlink 100MB unmanaged switch on it. I have replaced the procurve hub with a 1800-24G. All Servers and printers are on the procurve. The ports on the gigabit switch are up to speed but the ports connecting through the dlink switch are glitchy and slow. What is the correct way to set the procurve when adding in an unmanaged switch?
Drew Redman
Valued Contributor

Re: HP PROCURVE managed switch combined with dlink 100MB switch

The small port buffers on the 1800-24G can present a problem in mixed speed environments (100Mbps, 1000Mbps) since you have data coming in on one port at gig and going back out at 100 meg. Flow control or TCP sliding window take care of this typically, but not always.

Slowing everything else down to 100 meg or replacing the dlink with a gig switch will probably fix it.

You can also try forcing the port that connects to the dlink to 100 full duplex. Could be a duplex mismatch, although unmanaged switches usually use auto.

In terms of vlan config, you can only pass 1 vlan to the dlink, and the PVID on the uplink port should be set to the VID of the vlan you wish to extend to the dlink. If you haven't configured vlans, you don't need to worry about this.