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HP Pro curve 2650 & 2610 VLAN Infrastrcture

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HP Pro curve 2650 & 2610 VLAN Infrastrcture

Hi - I am totally new to VLAN's


Below is the scenaro were i need step by step help to setup.


I have 2 Procuve Switches one is 2650 were all the Department PC's & Wireless access points  connected & second one is 2610 were i have the firewall connected, Active Directory & Windows DHCP Server


Switch 1- 2650


Port 1-16 is used by HR Department

Port17-32 is used by Finanace Department

Port 33-34 is used by Access Points

Port 41-48 is used by Users


Port 50 is used to uplink to switch 2610.


What i wanted to achive is 


Isolcate Departments & Users & Access Points through VLAN from each other but they should be able to hit our Active directory for authentication, Firewall for internet & DHCP Server for IP's.


Looking forward to get help to achive this ASAP. Please provide the steps in details :-) (Including Tagging and Untaggin and trunk to be created)


And thanks in advance.




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Re: HP Pro curve 2650 & 2610 VLAN Infrastrcture

Firstly, isolating users by department is a cumbersome and management-intensive VLANing scheme that used to be used for security reasons before we got Windows NT. Now, users access to reseources is controlled through permissions, so VLAN segregation no longer has this purpose.


The modern-day reason for VLANing is to compatmentalise risk and to create small broadcast segments.


The general rule is, use one Data VLAN per switch/wiring closet, and to NOT span a VLAN over multiple switches/wiring closets.


So, that's design.


For configuration, you need:

1/ A design

2/ A "Core" for inter-VLAN routing: router or Layer-3 switch

3/ VLANs applied (untagged) to access ports

4/ VLANs applied (tagged) to inter-switch or switch-router links.

5/ DHCP forwarding on the "Core"

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Re: HP Pro curve 2650 & 2610 VLAN Infrastrcture

Thnaks Matcol- yes i am trying to get an L3 switch, would you please let me know which one would be good for me.