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HP ProCurve 2524 - Firmware problems (can't upgrade)

Björn Strömberg
Occasional Visitor

HP ProCurve 2524 - Firmware problems (can't upgrade)


I've got a big problem with our lan that i manage and we havnt updated the switches since 2001 when we bought the switches, and now when we got ~10mbit internet access connected to the lan we need to upgrade them (we think they are the ones that is messing with udp connections not sure though.)

anyway if i use PCM 1.6 to try and update the software i just get a "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx unreachable" log under the upgrade failed entry.

if i try to use tftp to update the firmware i just get connection timeouts (the ftp is on a computer on the local lan),
also tryed to use PCM directly on the Switch no router nothing in the way, still no luck...

there is one last way to do it and that is thru xmodem (serial connection) but frankly nether me or the other sysadmin got a clue how to do that (we dont want to ruin the switches..)

any one feel like giving a few hints in the right direction? cause im going crazy here, have been messing with this the last 12hours now...

thanks in advance
//Björn Strömbe
Björn Strömberg
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP ProCurve 2524 - Firmware problems (can't upgrade)

tftp solution works like a charm if you use a tftp server not a regular ftp server..

sorry for that..