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HP ProCurve 2626 - Newbie

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HP ProCurve 2626 - Newbie

I am new to managed switches, but have some decent experience with Cisco routers not switches. I just need some clarification about VLANs on the 2626. I don't know if the 2626 is really designed to seperate certain ports in distict VLANs for example VLAN 1 contain port 1-12 nd VLAN 2 contains 13-24. Does each VLAN get assigned its own IP range.

Does anyone know where I can purchase or download a basic guide to switching concepts?

I would like to dedicate a few ports on the 2626 to into a VLAN for Sys Admins and another for Engineering.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Joebstl
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Re: HP ProCurve 2626 - Newbie

I suggest you check out the availbale documentation for the 2626, especially the VLAN section of the Advanced Traffic Management Guide which seems to be quite detailed.
Docs can be found on http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/manuals/2650_6108.htm
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: HP ProCurve 2626 - Newbie


Yes the 2600 can have up to 253 Vlans, and you can assign any port to any Vlan as Untagged or Tagged or both.

Documentations are free on HP ProCurve Web Site: www.procurve.com

And for the Vlans:

Each Vlan can has its own IP address and you can route between the configured Vlans on the 2600 switch.

If you have one Admin Vlan and another Engineering, and you need port 1-12 for Admin and 13-24 for engineering then:

Switch(config)#vlan 1
Switch(vlan-1)#name Admin
Switch(vlan-1)#ip address
Switch(vlan-1)#untag 1-12
Switch(config)#vlan 2
Switch(vlan-2)#name Engineering
Switch(vlan-2)#ip address
Switch(vlan-2)#untag 13-24

And if you need to route between them:
Switch(config)#ip route

The 2600 Advanced Configuration guide entire manual:

Good Luck !!!

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Re: HP ProCurve 2626 - Newbie

Thank for the response. The information you provided is very helpful.