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HP ProCurve 4000M SNMP

Chris Hankes
Occasional Visitor

HP ProCurve 4000M SNMP

Well i have spent the last couple days trying to figure out how to add and remove MAC address from the authorized addresses for each port using SNMP. I found the addresses in

OID "".1

OID "".1.1
I have noAccess to see this

OID "".1.2
I have noAccess to see this either

OID "".1.3
I have Readonly here

When i look at one of the HpSecAuthAddress entries all i see is . and the MAC ADDRESS associated with that port.

I found by experimenting that if i add another address to the port so there are to it still says .1.2 but the rest is diffrent, i found that .1.2 corisponds to port A2 on the Switch which is a 4000M. First what are the numbers that come after .1.2 and second how can i see the ports instead of relying on .1.2 number, third how can i add a MAC address to a port or remove one. Also which MIB should i be using and where can i get it. I'm currently using GETIF to retrive info from the switch, but is there a better GUI client? And what is a good windows client the could be scripted?

Thanks for any help you can provide, I dont' have much experince with SNMP as you can probaly tell and any advice would be greatly appreciated