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HP ProCurve 530 - VLAN Names

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HP ProCurve 530 - VLAN Names

Hi everyone,

We are using the HP ProCurve 530 Access Points along with 802.1x authentication using Cisco Catalysts 3560 and Cisco Secure ACS. Everything works fine: Users receive a valid IP address from DHCP based on the VLAN ID in their group association.

The problem is we have 40 buildings each one having 5 VLANs. The structure is similar to this:

Building 1:

VLAN 11: Administrative
VLAN 12: Public
VLAN 13: Service

Building 2:

VLAN 21: Administrative
VLAN 22: Public
VLAN 23: Service

First digit = Building number
Second digit = VLAN

So all of this requires 200 group settings in Cisco Secure ACS for the dynamic VLAN setup to work everywhere.

This is not so much of a problem since this is a one-time setup. The real problem is that one user can only be assigned to one group and so only one possible VLAN ID. We would like our users to be able to roam into any building and still be assigned to the administrative VLAN.

To achieve this in a directly-wired-computer-to-the-3560 setup, we use the VLAN name that is configured on the 3560 in Cisco Secure ACS instead of the VLAN ID.

So is it possible to use those same VLAN names with the ProCurve AP 530 ? If not, is it a feature that will be added in the future ? Or, is there another access point that can provide this feature (besides the Cisco AiroNet) ?

Thank you very much,

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Re: HP ProCurve 530 - VLAN Names

I posted this in the wrong category. Please discard this thread.