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HP ProCurve 9304 & Trunk

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HP ProCurve 9304 & Trunk

I have a 9304 switch with two ep-8-port-gig-m4-management-module installed.

I need to make a trunk consist from two ports in different modules (for redundancy) - the 7-th port on the first module, and the 7-th port on the second module.

I tried to enable LACP on this ports:

int eth 1/7
link-aggregate active

int eth 2/7
link-aggregate active

When I tried to connect this trunk to another switch with LACP trunk configured, sh link-aggregation command shows me that the state of the ports is Blocked.

At the same time, when I do the same with ports on one module (1/1, 1/2), the trunk works and the ports are in Ope state.

I tried to make a manual trunk without LACP on ports 1/1 and 2/1 from GUI, but it said, that one port groups are enabled only fo 10 Gb ports.

Can I make a two-port trunk on different modules?

Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: HP ProCurve 9304 & Trunk


When two management modules are installed in a routing switch, one assumes the â activeâ role and the other assumes the â standbyâ role at boot time.

On the 9300m switches, a trunk always consists of at least two adjacent ports on the same
If you want a Two-slot trunk port that provides more redundancy than a single-slot trunk and if a module fails, the trunk will continue operating at half capacity.

Don;t forget to assign points.

Good Luck !!!

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stefano colombo_1
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Re: HP ProCurve 9304 & Trunk

Hi ,
we have a 9315 and have the same problem .
You said that a trunk is always made , by default , of two adiacent port in the same module . Is there no way of making a trunk between only 2 ports on different modules ?
This sound as a big limit to me as on the adiacent ports of each module I have different servers .

Matt Hobbs
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Re: HP ProCurve 9304 & Trunk

Between 2 modules, the minimum size trunk group has to be 4 ports - 2 on each module.

E.g eth 1/7-1/8 & 2/7-2/8.

You don't actually have to use all 4 ports, but they still must be configured (and no other devices are allowed to connect to those empty ports).


As your saw, the only exception to this is the 10GbE ports.