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HP ProCurve Manager discovery problem

Herbie Li
Occasional Visitor

HP ProCurve Manager discovery problem

Hi Everyone,

We're having a hard time discovering 3rd party network devices (routers and switches) with PCM. We are using a router as a core/gateway with IP address ( connected to two managed switches with the same model with IP addresses ( and ( All devices are not supporting LLDP but they are configured with correct SNMP Community. After the subnet was managed, and the discovery process was started, those 3 devices are detected by PCM via SNMP but are not being shown in the Network Map. Also, we tried the manual discovery option, SNMP communities of the devices were successfully recognized but we're encountering the "Error, device can't be discovered" message on two devices, single network device was discovered but recognized that it is not a network device. This happens randomly on the 3 devices mentioned. Is there anything that we need to configure in PCUM that will successfully discover our devices? Is it a requirement that our devices should support LLDP?

Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Best regards,

Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: HP ProCurve Manager discovery problem


I'm not sure that PCM after a successful discovery to a third part switches will draw them for you in the network map becaause PCM is ProCurve manager
unlike hp openview that does this stuff with the node manager.

i've seen many devices in the list of discovered devices but non of them was in the map.

Good Luck !!!
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