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HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

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HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

I have a Cisco Catalyst 6513 connecting to HP Gbe2 switch. (Version 3.0.1)
My cisco's port was configured as trunk and it's using dot1q.
The other side (switch HP) was configured as tag, I think it's the same as trunk.
There are a lot of packets beeing discards between this comunication. I can see that when I type the command /stats/port 19/if.
My Catalyst port doesn't have any error like CRC or output errors, but when I check in my HP switch, there are a lot of packets beeing discads. I'd like to know if there is any aditional configuration to configure my HP switch, or I just have to set the port with "tag" like I did. Anyone have this same problem? Thank you very much.
Matt Hobbs
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Re: HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

On the Gbe2, if you have a VLAN1, can you set it to untagged? On the Cisco side the native VLAN is untagged, so you will need to match that VLAN on the Gbe2 to also be untagged.
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Re: HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

I couldn't see if the VLAN 1 is untaged in my HP switch, how can I see that? How can I set the VLAN 1 to be untaged in my HP swtch? I couldn't do that in CLI and WEB interface. Thanks in advanced.


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Re: HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

By default, when you trunk a Cisco port it includes all VLANs configured on the switch. To limit the VLANs that are assigned to a trunked port, you must use the "allowed" option.

On the GbE2, it only trunks (same as tag) VLANs that you purposefully add the port to.

As a result, the Cisco is sending VLAN traffic to the Gbe2 for VLANs that are probably not configured on the GbE2. The GbE2 then discards/drops the frames associated with VLANs that the GbE2 port is not a member of.

So, the only real problem is that you are losing some bandwidth on the link between the Cisco and the Gbe2. To solve the problem, use the "allowed" option on your VLAN configuration command on the Cisco to limit the number of VLANs allowed on the port connected to the GbE2.

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Re: HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

Hi Sean McGee , your answer helped me a lot. Thank you. I configured all of my VLANS in my ports of HP Switch and the discards finished.

But when I tried to configure my Catalyst 6500 I had a big problem.

My scenario is the following:
There are 2 fiber opticals from my Cisco device to the HP switch (port 19 and 20)

The cisco's ports was configured as trunk and has the same port group. I typed switchport trunk allowed vlan 100-120 (because I have this 20 VLANS), I did it in the two ports of my Catalyst. When I finished, My Catalyst stopped to work. I restart my Catalyst and now it's working well.
I think that problem happened because I was configuring this two ports with the command "switchport trunk allowed vlan 100-120", Do you know if I can use this commands with port groups?

Thank you

Richard Jessop
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Re: HP ProLiant BL F-GbE2 Switch

I expect you have mismatch on the Vlans configured. on the GbE2 you must add the ports to the vlans you create.
I expect that the upstream is forwarding traffic to your HP switches to VLAN's that are not configured on the GbE2 nad thus dropping the data not associated with configured vlan ports.

You can "allow" on the cisco to onl have the vlans you want (as they are all associated by default) or if you require them, config them on the HP GbE2.

There is a config guide on how to config VLAN's and Tagging on the GbE2 at bladeconnect.com, specifically: http://bladeconnect.com/docs/MKT060806rev2_Blade_Tagging_(dot1q)_with_Cisco.pdf