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Re: HP Procurve 2510G Static-mac

Occasional Contributor

HP Procurve 2510G Static-mac

Trying to assign a static-mac to a vlan/port to get around issues with an NLB cluster's virtual IP addy. My command is as follows:

static-mac 03bf0a7c7c09 vlan 11 interface 16

and the error is:

value static-mac is invalid

Is this a syntax issue, or am I missing something else?
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 2510G Static-mac

I don't think it likes that specific MAC address. I'm assuming it's a virtual MAC? The same command will most likely work with a different MAC address (pull one off a laptop or something to test) I'm betting.
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 2510G Static-mac

I think it doesn't like it because it's a broadcast MAC. Looking more into procurve's and NLB clusters, the procurve switches don't support static ARP, so I think I'm forced into doing a unicast NLB cluster, which is super... yet another instance where I wish we went Cisco instead.
Holger Hasenaug
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 2510G Static-mac

The problem is that you are using the wrong HP ProCurve switch family for that purpose.

Enterprise class HP ProCurve switch series like the 2900, 2910al, 3500yl, 6600, etc. have the ability to configure multicast filter where you can inhibit flodding of NLB traffic:

filter multicast 03bf0a7c7c09 drop

The 2510G is the cheapest CLI based Gigabit switch ProCurve offers. So don't expect the such features on this product series.

New Member

Re: HP Procurve 2510G Static-mac

The multicast filter worked for me. Thanks