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HP Procurve 2524

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HP Procurve 2524

I work for a school board and after replacing all of our hubs with switches we started experiencing very slow logins (10-20 mins) at some schools at some times of day.

Deleting roaming profiles from users home directories nightly seemed to help the problem. It is now a new school year are different schools than last year are reporting the problem. Even after deleting profiles.

Can anyone offer some advice as to what to start looking for?

Thank you for your time.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: HP Procurve 2524


Can you give us a brief idea bout your network, switching side, routing side.

How the user authenticates, and where are the servers connected ?

You can use some tools like: you can trace the server from a user port, try to see how many hops it took to reach the destination and see where is the delay.

You can monitor one of the servers port on the switch and capture some packets and try to investigate.

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
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Re: HP Procurve 2524

What kind of switches are you using? How many PCs do you have? Have you gat the same topology? Is there any loop (two cables between plugged in two different ports of two switches). Cables for the servers are good?