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HP Procurve 2626 - Source-Port Filter

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HP Procurve 2626 - Source-Port Filter

I configured my Switch with 5 VLANs and I activated ip routing. My domain server is a DHCP server.

The VLANs, the routing, the DHCP scope are working. I ping every PC from any VLAN. I access the Internet via the default route ect.

Now, I would like, per example, to avoid PCs from VLAN 2 to contact PC from VLAN 3. Per example a pc from the port 1 (VLAN 2)to a pc from the port 4 (VLAN 3).

I saw the manual and i configured the following filter source-port:

filter source-port 1 drop 4
filter source-port 4 drop 1

I saved the configuration and i reload the switch. But, I continue to ping from the PC (port 1) to PC (port 4).

Somebody have an explication ?

Matt Hobbs
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Re: HP Procurve 2626 - Source-Port Filter

Hi Jo,

I've come across this before and have been advised that it is an ASIC limitation on the 2600's (and 6108 I think).

If you try the same on any other ProCurve that supports source-port filters it will work as expected.