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HP Procurve 2650 Switch - Need Help !

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HP Procurve 2650 Switch - Need Help !

I have a HP Procurve 2650 Switch.
In my Network there are only GBit NICs. 1 W2k3 Server and 10 XP Clients
I don't want to manage the switch.

The problem I have is that there is only a speed of 100Mbits when I make the speed test on the Switch on all ports.

What must I do to get 1000Mbit speed on all ports.
Is thought there a auto detecting speed control or must I really configure the ports manually?

And where must the server be conected?
The server with 1GBIT NIC is connected on Port 1. Do I have to connect the server to one of the Gig-T Port on the right as shown in the manual. Are only these ports giving a GBIT uplink speed ?

Thank you very much for your help !!

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Re: HP Procurve 2650 Switch - Need Help !

I should also say that when I connect for example the server to one of the GIG-T Ports then this Port LED won't flash and is always on, so there I get really 1000MBit/s .

What must I do to get this also on the other Ports ?
What does this GIG-T Port stand for ?
Why is it only there working automaticly ?

sorry for my bad english and my stupid questions.
Jeff Carrell
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Re: HP Procurve 2650 Switch - Need Help !

the 2650 switch is 48 ports of 10/100 only, and 2 ports of 10/100/1000 (ports 49 & 50)...

if you need all gig ports you need a different switch like a 2824/2848 or newer series....

the ports all have led's, but what you see on the led depends on what position the little push button is selected to...

when you power up the switch, each port led will show link or not, that is the solid led on...