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HP Procurve 2848 problems...

tobias Wester
Occasional Contributor

HP Procurve 2848 problems...

Two questions

I use my hp procurve 2848 as a backbone switch.
I use 2 Vlans.

Vlan1 for servers
Vlan2 for clients

All use the switch as defaultgatway.

Routing between the Vlans work fine. And thje route to our firewall also works fine.

But after about 5 hours the connection to the firewall goes down.
Check the log on the switch and notice that entry.

Blocked by lacp on the port to the firewall and some adder ports.
I disable lacp for all the port, yes i solved the problem. NOT

But now when I return from after a meeting the connection was lost again.

Is the any configuration in the switch how can cause this?

Virus throttling or ???

Any suggestions?

I start too think its maybe the firewall that is the problem.


How do I clear the log in the switch ?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 2848 problems...

When the port goes down, does it come back up by itself?

Are there any physical errors on the port "show int "?

If yes, check the cabling between the two devices.

Otherwise you may want to force the speed and duplex on the port instead of auto-negotiate. You must also configure the other device to match.

To clear the log on the switch it needs to be power cycled.