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HP Procurve 5412 Routing Problem

James Burt 100
Occasional Visitor

HP Procurve 5412 Routing Problem

We have just installed a HP Procurve 5412 at the core of our network.

We have 9 VLANS created :

Default VLAN -
IP01 - etc
The VLAN interface has an address of, etc

These VLANS are tagged on trunk uplink ports to 3Com switches, the user ports on the 3com are unatgged. Each switch has its own VLAN.

The default route on the 5412 is (the LAN port of our firewall)

The Clients default route is, depending on which 3com they are on.

All the clients can access the internet OK but you cannot ping the HP Procurve from the firewall?? YOu can also only ping the LAN side of the firewall if you are on a 192.168.12.x network?? The firewall has no rules blocking..

Any ideas??
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 5412 Routing Problem


Where you are doing routing ? on the Firewall or on the Core switch ?

If on the switch, then be sure to have the Gateway of any user in any Vlan to be the IP address of the Vlan interface on the 5400.

Then, the most Important thing is to
add a route back to all the Vlans from the firewall to the 5400.

Good Luck !!!
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