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HP Procurve 6200yl <=> 3COM 5500G/4800G

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HP Procurve 6200yl <=> 3COM 5500G/4800G


I like the Procurve 3500yl/6200yl series really much. So I installed some of them.
Unfortunately we have many fiber lines installed within our buildings, so we´d need many of those 6200yl. One of my bosses said, that those 6200yl would be too expensive if we use them in all of our buildings.

There would be other switch manufacturers around having cheaper ones. And he always liked 3COMs, that would be better and cheaper.
He doesn´t see the next business day service, lifetime warranty.

Well, he is the boss...

One 6200yl is about 4100,-€,
one 5500G/4800G is 2500,-€ / 3200,-€
including taxes.

From the data sheets, the 3COMs looks nice:

6200yl: http://www.hp.com/rnd/pdfs/datasheets/ProCurve_Switch_6200yl_24GmGBIC.pdf
5500G: http://www.3com.com/other/pdfs/products/en_US/400908.pdf
4800G: http://www.3com.com/other/pdfs/products/en_US/3com_401083.pdf

From the specs, the 4800G with its IPv6 looks nice so far, in my opinion.

Well, what do you think? Which one to buy?
Nowadays I do not need IPv6.
Does anyone have experience with current 3COM switches?
Perhaps you have any rumors against 3COM?

thanks in advance

Re: HP Procurve 6200yl <=> 3COM 5500G/4800G

Not sure about 4800G, but 5500G pros and cons are:
+ supports stacking (2x24G)
+ better handles RADIUS server fallback
+ rich "display mac-address"
+ supports any SFP modules
~ OOTB supports BGP, VRRP and QinQ, but only with stacking disabled
~ limited lifetime (5Y after EOS)
- does not support LLDP & CDP
- losts dhcp-snooping database after a reboot

6200yl pros and cons:
+ supports LLDP & R/O CDP
+ supports dhcp-snooping database via TFTP
+ lifetime
- does not suppport stacking, only totally useles "virtual stacking"
- does not support RADIUS Session-Timeout for mac-based auth
- requires additional license for VRRP & QinQ
- very poor "show mac-address" diagnostic command
- supports only quite expensive, HP genuine, SFP modules

Both models support MSTP, dhcpd-snooping, arp-protect and dynamic ip-filter, bpdu-protection, 802.1X and sNTP

Re: HP Procurve 6200yl <=> 3COM 5500G/4800G

OK, it was brought to my attention that there is no need for the additional license on 8200/6200, only 3500 i 5400 require it.