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HP Procurve Gbic Link to 3Com 3300xm

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HP Procurve Gbic Link to 3Com 3300xm

I having problem with my uplink to existing switch 3Com GE to new switch HP ProCurve 4104GL.
ProCurve installed 2 slot GBic (A & B) and @ slot 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port.
All the link connected to default VLAN.

If I create new vlan to put my uplink and 2 port FastEthernet to group as External VLan also the connection cannot recognize.

What should I do ? Please help me out!
Carsten M
Regular Advisor

Re: HP Procurve Gbic Link to 3Com 3300xm

Hallo Slapper!
What is your problem?
The Link between 3Com and Procurve
or the creating of the new vlan on
3com and Procurve?

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Re: HP Procurve Gbic Link to 3Com 3300xm

The uplink ProCurve and 3Com Switch.
what should I configure inside HP ProCurve and 3Com switch to enanble the connection ?

Let say Config of 3Com like this ;

Tagging = enable
Group Vlan = Uplink
Port Speed = 1000 F/Duplex

ProCurve Config ;

Tagging = Enable
Port = A1 [Fiber]and C1 [FastEthernet]
Port Speed = 1000 Full Duplex

* port A1 for uplink and C1 dedicated for external network and connected to Firewall.

* I put tagging to A1 and no tagging to C1.

anybody can help me and what to configure inside both switch.