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HP Procurve

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HP Procurve


Do you know in which menu I can add route in my HP Procurve ?
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Re: HP Procurve

Which type of switch?
Stuart Teo
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Re: HP Procurve


I'm not aware of any HP model that allow you to add a route to a L3 switch. Chances are, you're going to have to use CLI for that.
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Gerhard Roets
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Re: HP Procurve


If you are talking about the remote management feature. You will find that under "IP COnfiguration".

But if you have a switch with a routing engine and you are using it. You will have to use the command line interface.

1. Go to command line.
2. conf term
3. ip route yourdestnetwork netmask gateway

Now the one thing is if i gave the command wrong, you ca type "ip ?" and it will give you help. You can keep typing from where you left off with the help then. It also has tab completion.

I hope this helps
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Re: HP Procurve

In HP ProCurve switches you can only have IP routing, not IPX routing.

You go to command line (CLI) and then type:

conf t
ip routing
ip route

where: is the destination network is the subnet mask of the destination network is the next hop router that knows about your destination network.

HP Layer 3 switches admit only static routes (they do not know routing protocols like RIP), and you can only configure 16 static routes.

If you are using HP 5300XL switches it is mandatory to explicitly type the default route:

ip route

where: is the router that will receive all IP packets towards destination networks that could not be found in the routing table