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HP-SSTP not work versus Cisco rapid pvst

HP-SSTP not work versus Cisco rapid pvst

The scenario:
I've a topology in a square:
two hp9304m switches interconnected among them also interconnected with two switches Cisco Catalyst 3750G interconnected among them. To avoid the loops i've rstp(802-1w) in both realms(hp-cisco).
The problem:
When i declare the SSTP (single instance spanning tree) in the hp realm the stp(bpdu's) comunication with the cisco realm is interrupted and the root switch determination for the topology is not correct (they appear 2 root switches: one in the hp realm and one in the cisco realm)Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-SSTP not work versus Cisco rapid pvst

Can you provide a network map, and the configurations you have running on these switches? (hide any sensitive information in the configs)

Also any 'show spanning-tree' type of commands may be helpful. On the 9300 'show 802-1w'

My only recommendation now would be to try and use only one spanning-tree protocol. For simplicity I would use 802.1w throughout this network.