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HP Tagging to Cisco Trunking


HP Tagging to Cisco Trunking

Hi All

I am about to do a major upgrade next week and replace our core cisco 3750 stack with a 5400 series core.

Our Edge network is a combo of approx 10 HP 2600series and 15 x cisco 2950 switches.

My Question is rather simple. I know HP switch config and setup and the tagging for the vlans on the HP side. But Im not very comfortable with the cisco side. I assume on the cisco I make the 'user' ports static on the vlan, and on the uplinks I trunk using 802.1q trunk but Im not really sure of the commands to do this, and then to allow only selected vlans on these trunks.

I guess im looking for a step by step dummy guide to setting this up on the cisco 2950.

Thanks in advance.


Re: HP Tagging to Cisco Trunking

add more info, so new post