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HP V1910 VLANs


HP V1910 VLANs

Hello Guys!

This is my first HP switch I have to deal with, and I have ran into a problem.
My config is the following:
port 48 : Internet Router with DHCP, port mode: Hybrid
port 1 , 2, 4-44: Default untagged VLAN1 with Access port
port 3: room 303 VLAN303 untagged with Access port
port 4: room 401 VLAN401 untagged with Access port
port 45,46,47: Aggregated Ports LAG1 3Gb link for Virtual Machines, port mode: Hybrid
port 44: Dell Server (hosts the VMs)

The entire network is in 192.168.1.x , default gateway:
All VLANS should stay in the same network with same gateway and dhcp pool.

This is my setup screen:


My problem is that with this setup only VLAN1 has internet.
Room 303 (VLAN 303), and Room 401 (VLAN 401) have no internet.
In other words VLAN 303. and 401 doesnt see port 48 and I just cant figure out why.
Can you please find out why and what should be the solution for my problem?

Thank you so much!


Re: HP V1910 VLANs

Can I ask your opinions please? I completely stucked, and I have little experience in VLANS... Thank you!