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HP VLAN Routing

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HP VLAN Routing

We are trying to configure an HP 5308XL with
multiple VLAN's so that eash VLAN
could have its own IP default route.

I dont seem to see a way to enable ip
static routes inside the VLAN config.

Maybe I am approaching this the wrong way, and
their is another way to skin this cat.
I need the VLANs to route to each other, but
have different default routes (Different ISP's) based on where the backer originates
(VLAN 1 Defaults to ISP1, VLAN 2 DEFAULTS TO ISP2).

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VLAN Routing

This requires policy based routing which the 5300 cannot do. The 9300 and 7000dl can.