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HP (classA 9000) and Brocade switch (Silkoworm 3800) connectivity

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HP (classA 9000) and Brocade switch (Silkoworm 3800) connectivity

First off I am a newbee at Hp boxes.
This is what I am trying to do, get some disks visble on the HP box via the brocade switch. The discs are on a storage -Hitachi 9580 series. I have 3 discs made availabe through Port A of the Hitachi box on to port 0 of the Brocade switch , Port 1 of the switch is connected to a SunFire machine,Port 2 of the switch is connect to the Hp box. Port 0,1,2 of the switch are in a sigle zone.
The Sun machine can view the 3 disks from the Hitachi box. But the Hp machine cannot. I am using an HBA A5150-60001 (Hp) on the Hp box.
The switch administration tool shows me that Port 0 and 1 are F-Port types while 2 is U-type!
I did install a driver on the Hp machine for the HBA, rebooted the Hp machine but was unable to view the disks. I tried an ioscan, but am not able to view any disks. I do see the following though:
ext_bus SCSI C896 Ultra Wide LVD
ext_bus SCSI C896 Ultra Wide Single-Ended
ext_bus SCSI C87x Fast Wide Single-Ended
ext_bus SCSI C87x Ultra Wide Single-Ended
Does this mean anything?

Used the SAM tool to discover Discs on the machine , but that failed to recognize anything tooo.
I learnt that there is no sd.conf file simillar to the Solaris conterpart on the Hp machines. So could someone please help me out with this issue. How do I make the disks visible on the Hp machine? Also is there a format command counterpart in the HpUx world?

Shaikh Imran
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Re: HP (classA 9000) and Brocade switch (Silkoworm 3800) connectivity


Well long way to go but we have to ...

What is the O.S. and Bundle patch version ?
( uname -a & swlist command will show you this )

See the server is able to see the HBA by #ioscan -fn
you will get something like /dev/td0 or /dev/td1 against the HBA Model
Try using
Check the FC related kernel parameters in the kernel e.g.


#fcmsutil /dev/td0

where /dev/td0 is the device file of your
FC card(HBA).

This will show you the FC (HBA)card status.
(see man fcmsutil for details )
Also pls check for any latest patches on the

www.itrc.hp.com site for your system.


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Re: HP (classA 9000) and Brocade switch (Silkoworm 3800) connectivity

Thanks a lott!!!

The problem is resolved , it was all due to a driver conflict, what I did was this: There was an existant driver for thet 5158 HBA card, after that I force installed a new driver of an older version (my mistake) and that somehow resulted in the loss of /dev/td* files!

Now reinstalled HP and the driver is working fine! Now I am able to view th discs and play around! Unfortunately due to a power surge, the SUN boxes went down... I will try out seperate zones .. also try Lun security at the same time!...

Once again Thanks a lot