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HP modular switches fiber optic compatibility

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Petar Chonkov
Occasional Advisor

HP modular switches fiber optic compatibility


I have to link a HP modular switch (4100gl or 5300xl) trought optic fiber to an Allied Telesyn Media converters. So I'm worried about the compatibility ...

The modular switch will be equiped with 12 Ports 100-FX MTRJ module for 100Mb/s connectivity over MM fiber (2km distance full-duplex), or with 6-Port Mini-GBIC Module and Gigabit-LX-LC mini-GBICs for 1Gb/s connectivity over a SM fiber (10km distance).

On the other end I'll have Allied Telesyn Media Converters respectively:
- AT-MC102XL 100BaseTX to 100FX-SC Converter, MM (2km distance full-duplex)
- AT-MC1005/1 1000BaseLX (SC) to 1000BaseT Converter, SM (10km distance)

According the documentation these media converters work with wavelength of 1310nm.

- Do you think that the HP equipment will be fully compatible with the Allied Telesyn media converters;

- Do I have to use the same type of connectors on both ends. I mean if the connectors on HP module are MTRJ the connector of the media converter have to be MTRJ also;

- What type of multimode fiber will be better 50/125 or 62.5/125 to use for the longest distance of about 1.5km;

Thanks in advance.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: HP modular switches fiber optic compatibility

What you have proposed looks right to me, it should be fully compatible.

You do not have to have the same type of connectors on both ends, just as long as the devices on each end are the same type such as 100-FX, and the duplex is set correctly - it should work.

The 50/125 cabling is of higher quality so I would opt to use that if possible, but it should not really matter for 100-FX.

Re: HP modular switches fiber optic compatibility

I'd just like to add that whichever fiber type you choose, you need to use it throughout the entire length of the fiber. For example, you cannot patch together one segment of 50/125 with 62.5/125-fiber.