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HP procurve 2610 switch and Vlan

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HP procurve 2610 switch and Vlan

I have a HP procurve 2610 switch
and will create two VLANs I would like both VLANs to come out on the internet but not access each other. I have a router with dhcp
someone who can help beginners ...
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Re: HP procurve 2610 switch and Vlan

Hi Stefan

When you create VLANs, you split the switch in two. The two VLANs must be in different subnets, i.e. devices in one VLAN get IP addresses for example from range and the second VLAN The devices in different VLANs cannot communicate to each other. Note that your DHCP server must be able to deliver addresses in two different scopes.

To have access to Internet on both VLANs, the Internet port must be configured as Tagged member of both VLANs. Note that all traffic from this port out will have the VLAN tag, so your router must also support 802.1Q VLAN tagging. If it doesn't, it will drop the packets.

If the router supports it, you will now have access to Internet from both VLANs. However the router will also route traffic from one VLAN to another, so you need to create Access Control List to prevent this from happening.

That's about it in a nutshell :-)


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