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HP procurve 2900 + serial comunication

vlad manea
Occasional Advisor

HP procurve 2900 + serial comunication


I just got a hp procurve 2900-48g switch and
I need to set it up. I see that it came with a 9-pin serial cable. Unfortunately I have no machine for the moment with such port.
I would like to use my laptop, so I used an adapter (from 9 pin to RJ-45) and used a normal
network cable. However I still cannot connect. Do I need to use a cross-over cable instead of a network cable? Can you guys give me some extra tips?

Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: HP procurve 2900 + serial comunication

If your PC/Laptop doesn't have a serial port (typically DB9), it will most likely have an USB port. You would have to pick up an USB-to-serial adaptor to make this work. They are fairly cheap, around $20. This would give you a serial port on the PC. From what you are describing, you are using a DB9toRJ45 adaptor and plugging it into the LAN port? That certainly doesn't work.