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Re: HP switch layer 2 only

Occasional Contributor

HP switch layer 2 only

Hi everyone, I would like to know HP switch layer 2 only that support stacking. I have been searching a lot and the only switch which support stacking (not virtual) are layer 3, but I need layer 2 only. I found HP 2530 switch series but they support only virtual stacking, and I need a physical stacking, not virtual.

Is there any switch series you can recommend?

Thanks and regards!

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Re: HP switch layer 2 only

2920 gives you stacking.

If you don't want Layer3, just don't enable routing.

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Re: HP switch layer 2 only

HP doesn't have a layer two switches that support physical stacking with dedicated cables.

you can go for the HP 2920 or HP 3800 which support dedicated stacking modules and stacking cables.


you can use HP 2530 virtual stacking with 10G direct attached cables .