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HP switches with scannning capabilities

Sandeep Gautam
Occasional Contributor

HP switches with scannning capabilities

I Want to install a switch on the LAN with following capabilities:
1 Traffic and network Monitoring.
2 QOS Shaping
3 POP3 and SMTP Scanning with all the virus scanning features.
4 Web management interface.
5 VPN and VLAN Setup
6 SSL security
These are the most important criteria for me and I am looking for the range which basically addresses all. If someone could suggest me any product like that??

Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP switches with scannning capabilities


Sorry to say but no Procurve switch does any kind of virus scanning. I would not be able to tell you if any physical switch has those capability's. But SW on the other hand combined with switches would be a good option for you.
Have a look on http://www.hpprocurve.com for the different switches and for PCM+ (nice monotoring SW).