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HP1920S - Enable IGMP - blocks IPv6 router adverts

New Member

HP1920S - Enable IGMP - blocks IPv6 router adverts

I want to enable IGMP-snooping on my HP 1920S switch. When i enable IGMP-snooping on the desired VLAN it also blocks IPV6 router-adverts. In that case the clients connected don't receive an IPv6-adresses anymore from the router.

When I disable IGMP-snooping (which is needed for IP-TV) I receive the router-adverts again. It seems that IGMP blocks the RA-advertisments. 

I use the latest firmware PD 02.15

I tried to solve this out with customer-support but i'm not able to chat with support while there are no agents available (and i receive this message for already days.......!).