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HP2524 + GigaBit Ethernet SX and MTU Size

Marcel Stutz
Occasional Advisor

HP2524 + GigaBit Ethernet SX and MTU Size

Hello there,

Question, is this Possible on a HP2524 (J4813A) with a HP ProCurve Gigabit SX Transceiver (J4131B) and Firmware 5.22 to set the MTU Size on the Gigabit SX Module to 2000 ?

I gote always Error like this in the Eventlog
port 25-Excessive jabbering. See Help

If i look on Port 25 i see some Giant Errors always

Interface 25 is running in a Trunk Mode

Status and Counters - Port Counters for port 25

Name :

Link Status : Up

Bytes Rx : 1,434,881,339 Bytes Tx : 3,675,609,880
Unicast Rx : 316,591,792 Unicast Tx : 1,378,358,441
Bcast/Mcast Rx : 944,505 Bcast/Mcast Tx : 334

FCS Rx : 0 Drops Tx : 0
Alignment Rx : 0 Collisions Tx : 0
Runts Rx : 0 Late Colln Tx : 0
Giants Rx : 3888 Excessive Colln : 0
Total Rx Errors : 3888 Deferred Tx : 0

On the Port 25 i have a Cisco Switch connectett with a MTU Size of 2000 for L2TP Tunneling on ADSL Service, now i need also MTU Size 2000 on the HP Switch.

Thanks for any Help or Solutions
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: HP2524 + GigaBit Ethernet SX and MTU Size

I think only the 2800 and 9300 series will do jumbo frames. The 2524 is too old.