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HP2524 - new install

Gary Peltola
Occasional Contributor

HP2524 - new install

We just bought a 2524, now on our old switch, we have all the ports in the stack, so we just use port 26 as the uplink port, on the 2524, I notice there's 25 / 26 with two plates covering them

Do I need to buy this transceiver to put into the 26 area or can I use one of the other ports on the switch as the uplink?

If we can go without these optional transc's how can i configure the switch to use say port 24 as the uplink?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: HP2524 - new install

Don't think there is a configurable crossover option on your switch ports but you can use a crossover cable between any port and a standard port on the next switch up the line. (If the next switch has a free crossover capable port then you can use a straight cable.) Problem is that this will only be a 100 FD connection. Could get crowded depending on traffic flow patterns (if more than 1 port wanted to send 100 Mb/s to the switch on the other side of the uplink it would be a bad bottleneck.)

Usually the tranceiver can be a 1000 Mb/s copper or fiber connection so you get a lot more throughput on the trunk but you would need the equivalent connection on the next switch up the line.

Assuming you do not use VLANs or anything fancy you shouldn't have to do anything to the port except to make sure it is enabled on both ends. You might want to set both ends of the port to 100 Full just to make sure that you don't have a problem there. Also check that flow control is the same on both ends. If in doubt turn it off. You could define it as a trunk and use tagging but without VLANs (or just using the default VLAN) there is no point in that.

Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: HP2524 - new install


Most HP switches nowadays including 25XX have auto-MDI/MDI-x option by default. That means that you can connect 2 switches together with either straight or x-over cable. No difference and nothing more you need to configure for uplink port.

Hope this helps,
Joaquin Gil de Vergara
Respected Contributor

Re: HP2524 - new install

buy only if you want to conenct both switches at Gigabit speed (with transceivers SX or stacking-kit)

if you don't need gigabit speed use a normal ethernet cable. 2524 is auto MDI/MDI-X (invert ethernet ports automatically like if you were using a cross-over cable)
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