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HP2650 Login Prompt


HP2650 Login Prompt

I have a a HP2650 switches and when I telnet to one of them I get a username prompt and telnet to another on and get a password prompt. The one with the password prompt won't let me login using the web interface, the other one will. How to I change the switch to ask for a username prompt using telnet?
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: HP2650 Login Prompt

To get a username prompt for authentication, use the following command:

Switch(config)#password manager username MyUsername

Change manager to operator if you want assign a username to him too. MyUsername is offcourse what you choose. If you want to change the password only without giving an username use:

Switch(config)#password manager

For both commands: End with an "enter". It will prompt for the password twice.

One more option is too set access to the switch via Radius, which is preferable when you have a lot of switches.
Let me know here if you want to know how to configure that and have problems with it.

Re: HP2650 Login Prompt

Cheers ..... l sorted, got what I needed.
One strange thing, within the web browser, if I select status and overview. If I hover over a live port it tells me "Port x 0% of 0Mbs". Why does it no tell me what speed the port is running at and the utilization?
e have a HP5308 and that works fine !!