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HP2650-PWR LLDP-MED and the "Voice" cmd

Ed Davis_2
Occasional Advisor

HP2650-PWR LLDP-MED and the "Voice" cmd

To get LLDP-Med to work does the "Voice" cmd need set in the config on the voice vlan? I notice when the switch first boots up that LLDP-MED is already enabled globally. Just really starting to get into the lldp-med world of the IP phone and not sure.
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Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: HP2650-PWR LLDP-MED and the "Voice" cmd

LLDP is enabled by default. That is the Link Layer Discovery protocol in general. The LLDP-MED are the "Media" extensions. You can you LLDP to do device to device discovery. If you have two switches connected to each other, they discover each other via LLDP.
The "Med" extension are for Phones, potenial cameras etc.
When you enable "voice" on a vlan, the switch then sends the vlan information etc via LLDP-MED to the phone so it know for which VLAN to tagg the packet.

Hope this help.