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HP4000m and 2524 cannot telnet in half the time

Walter Kiczko
Occasional Advisor

HP4000m and 2524 cannot telnet in half the time


I've seen some talk about users who cannot Telnet into their switches from time to time and this is something I've dealt with for over a year. Over Thanksgiving, I updated all 31 of our HP switches on campus and everything is running either 9_22 or 5_34 depending on the model.

I'm plugged into an 8000m via ethernet (not console cable) and the 4000m I am trying to Telnet to is 2 switches away connected by fiber to a 4000m, then out of that switch with more fiber to the final switch. half the time I can telnet, other times it just sits at the dos prompt and then times out.

we found a work around but it seems silly to have to do this every time.

workaround: ping the switch until it replies, then 100% of the time I can Telnet into the switch, type my user and pw in and voila the main menu.

I have also set ABC on IP_IPX on most of my switches because I suspect the Telnet logins timing out due to traffic on the network. ABC at 30% doesnt seem to be doing the trick in respect to Telnet, and I am running the latest C_09_22.swi firmware.

Does anyone know of any other features I should set in the config, or what the cause of the Telnet problem is? I really don't feel I should have to ping the switch in order to then run Telnet to get into it. In fact, pinging doesnt reply sometimes either, I'm not sure if this is network traffic, or switches being stubborn.

ps. I am not using any form of PCM or Toptools, we found that program to be a huge resource hog on the computer and it never really showed us anything useful as far as internal traffic patterns go, but I digress.

Thanks for your help, sorry to post something that was talked about already, but I couldnt find any recent threads to help me find a solution.