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Hardware Reset for Cisco 2950

Ryan Lee

Hardware Reset for Cisco 2950

How Can I Hardware setting for Cisco 2950 Switch ?

Please Help
Valued Contributor

Re: Hardware Reset for Cisco 2950

Try http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps628/products_installation_guide_chapter09186a00801cd6d8.html

And you can use the following commands in Cisco switch using telnet with the ip:

attach Connect to a specific linecard
callhome Callhome commands
cd Change current directory
clear Reset functions
clock Manage the system clock
config Enter configuration mode
copy Copy from one file to another
debug Debugging functions
delete Delete a file
dir List files in a directory
discover Discover information
exit Exit from the EXEC
fcping Ping an N-Port
fctrace Trace the route for an N-Port.
find Find a file below the current directory
format Format disks
gunzip Uncompresses LZ77 coded files
gzip Compresses file using LZ77 coding
install Upgrade software
mkdir Create new directory
modem Modem commands
move Move files
no Disable debugging functions
ping Send echo messages
port-channel Port-Channel related commands
purge Deletes unused data
pwd View current directory
reload Reboot the entire box
rmdir Delete a directory
run-script Run shell scripts
send Send message to open sessions
setup Run the basic SETUP command facility
show Show running system information
sleep Sleep for the specified number of seconds
ssh SSH to another system
system System management commands
tac-pac Save tac information to a specific location
tail Display the last part of a file
telnet Telnet to another system
terminal Set terminal line parameters
test Test command
traceroute Trace route to destination
undebug Disable Debugging functions (See also debug)
update Update license
write Write current configuration
zone Execute Zone Server commands
zoneset Execute zoneset commands

If U need a helping hand, U will find one at the end of your arm