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Help Please, What Switches should i get for my network?

Andrew Vital_1
Occasional Contributor

Help Please, What Switches should i get for my network?

I currently have an older L2 network configuaration with some 3com superstack III switches i'm looking to get rid of.
What i want to acomplish is:
100Mb to desktops, 1000Mb to a few servers and uplink to other switches, Stacking Cabability, 4 Vlans, #1 for Main office, #2 for Branch Office, #3 for VOIP, and #4 for Guest Internet-Only access.

I've got 75 users on my network now between the 2 offices. most phones are non-VOIP, only 8 are.
I would like a web interface to administer as i think it's easier to use then a CLI.

Any help is greatly apprecaited.

- Andy
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Help Please, What Switches should i get for my network?


For a 75 users, and some other Servers, with PoE on some ports, 100M switch ports and some 1Gig,
If all these points are connected to one IDF, or one data center I think the proper, then i would recommend to use:

1- For better performance and functionality:
5400 Modular switch, that has all your needs in one box, and price wise, its affordable.

2- For cost effective solution, you can have the 2600 series switches, like 2x2650 that each has 48 10/100 with 2 Dual personality ports, and you can add one 2600-8-PWR for your IP Phones.

Good Luck !!!
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Andrew Vital_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Help Please, What Switches should i get for my network?

Thanks for your response.

I was looking at the 2600 series switches. PoE isn't necessary as the IP phones are in a branch office and that switch isn't going to be changed right now. I'm just upgrading the switches in my HQ.

In my HQ I currently have 2- 48 port switches in my Server Room, and a 24 Port in a 3rd floor wireing closet.These connect to a Sonicwall Pro2040 which does my routing currently.

Originally i thought i would just get 3 2600 switches, (2-48 ports and 1-24Port). but after some more research i find it may be better to go with a beefier switch as a core, (looking for advice on what to buy, a 48- port 2800, 2810, 2900?) and then a 48 port 2600 and a 24port 2600.

I know the 2600s are only light layer 3 so i'm not sure what the draw back would be to use them for routing.

I'm really trying to have something to grow with here, mainly for Vlans as i dont' currently have that capability and would like to, if only to segment guest network access from employee access.

Thought i have some good network knowledge i'm sort of over whelmed with what to do here.

Thanks for any help.
- Andy