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Help on 7201dl QoS is needed

Occasional Contributor

Help on 7201dl QoS is needed

I have router with folowing firmware:
ProCurve Secure Router 7102dl
SROS Version: J08.03
Checksum: 7730B0F6, built on: Fri Jul 20 09:41:03 2007

I configured 2 VLAN subinterfaces 0/1.1001 and 0/1.1002 but it seems I can't setup nither CBWFQ nor LLQ. Here is a short substract from the config:

ip access-list extended qos
permit tcp any eq telnet any
permit tcp any any eq telnet
interface eth 0/1.1002
vlan-id 1002
no shutdown
ip address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
bandwidth 2048
access-policy Public
qos-policy in llq
qos-policy out llq

qos map llq 10
match list qos

hqrouter(config-qos-map)#bandwidth percent 10
Cannot add bandwidth requirements to a map applied to a vlan interface.

From SROS CLI Reference Guide:
Functional Notes
Traffic shaping can be used to limit an Ethernet segment to a particular rate or to specify use of QoS on
Ethernet or VLAN interfaces.

And one more question: Ethernet 0/1 default queue is FIFO. How can I change it to WFQ?
"fair-queue" command does't exist.