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Help with 5304xl Routing

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Help with 5304xl Routing

I have set up 3 vlans. They all get DHCP address from one of our Windows 2003 server connected to 1 of the VLANs. DHCP relays and IP routing are working perfectly.

In order to give these VLANs internet access, I have plugged in DSL/broadband home router with the WAN side on production network and the LAN side the default_VLAN.

If I take a client and connect it to the default_VLAN, I get a DHCP address and can browse internet. But if I move this client to one of the other VLAN, all I can do is pinging the VLAN's ip address. I can't get on the internet.

Please help...
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Re: Help with 5304xl Routing

I have attached the configuration file in the original post.
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Re: Help with 5304xl Routing is the DSL/Broadband router
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Re: Help with 5304xl Routing

Seem like I need to tell the router how to get back to the switch.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Help with 5304xl Routing


I'm afrad that this home end users DSL Modem/Router doesn;t have the ability to route between multiple subnets, And/Or NAT internal network from multiple subnets to the internet.

Please Change it.

Good Luck !!!
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Nameesh NR

Re: Help with 5304xl Routing


Why don't you try enabling "Proxy-ARP" on

On the switch command prompt try :
->Select "Switch Configuration"
->Select "IP Configuration"
->In "Default VLAN" row, enable "Proxy-ARP"
by setting to "Yes"
->Similarly set it other VLANs

Now, try connecting a client. It should be able to access the network.

Don't forget to assign points if it works :-)
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