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Help with HP 2610 VLAN setup

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Help with HP 2610 VLAN setup

New to the VLAN on the HP, but here is our desire.

1 T1
Have 6 separate companies wanting to use this T1 for net access.
What would be the configs for setting up these companies on vlans so they do not see each other but use the same T1 to go out, using ports 1-6 on the procurve.

Each company will have 5-10 users per company.

Switch is 2610
Firewall is sonicwall NSA 240

Need any other information?

Thank you for your assistance.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Help with HP 2610 VLAN setup

If those companies do not need any direct connection, i would suggest using the sonicwall.

On the switch
vlan 2
tagged 24
untagged 1
vlan 3
tagged 24
untagged 2
vlan 4
tagged 24
untagged 3
!etc ...

connect the T1 to the sonicwall
on the sonicwall
- create subinterfaces for each vlan on the port connected to the switch.
- then create rules to allow internet access for each vlan