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Help with PCM Policies

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Help with PCM Policies


On to another question. How would I create a policy to alert me when a particluar MAC Address connects to the network. I have a policy created to alert me via dialog box and email but I'm not getting it when the MAC address connects. For test purposes, in my Alert Filter tab, I checked "has severity" of < Critical and "contains" e. Since the letter e is everywhere I thought most everything will trigger and I would get to see what smnp string is being sent. However, when I add the MAC address to the "contains" field, it doesn't trigger. I'm assuming this is because the smnp sting doesn't contain the MAC address.

How would I get this to work?

I'm trying to get this to work to detect a laptop if and when it connects to the network!

Thanks alot!

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Re: Help with PCM Policies

Can this be done?

I need to detect a stolen laptop if it connects to the network.