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Help with Procurve 2910al-24g vlan/routing config

Steve Wouden
Occasional Advisor

Help with Procurve 2910al-24g vlan/routing config

I,m setting up an OTA enviroment.
vSphere VC Server: ( Live enviroment Subnet

vSphere 4.0 ESX server with 4 NICs
vmnic0: (Live Enviroment subnet)
vmnic1: (SAN Storage subnet)
vmnic2: 192,168.1.0/24 (ADSL Subnet)
vmnic3: N/A

HP Lefthand p4000 SAN Storage: (SAN Storage Subnet)

ProCurve 2910al switch: (SAN Storage Subnet)

Everything is up and running, except for one issue. I,ve created a few volumes and add them to the ESX host.Created the necessary vSwitches, as you can see in the attachment.
The problem is that i can't attach a RDM to a VM in this situation. The VM's are in a subnet.

I will create a portgroup in vSwitch1 and add the VM's to that portgroup?
I think that here the procurve switch willl be the solution.
I've googling looking for a solution, and it looks like that if i want to get this to work i need to do some things with VLAN, tagged, untagged, trunk and other terms that made me dizzy
How do i solve this issue??
Fred Blum
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Re: Help with Procurve 2910al-24g vlan/routing config

I'm not familiar with VMWare, but I gather from your post that the LAN NIC0 is not connected to a seperate switch. You want to use the 2910al with VLAN's for seperate subnets.

It is not difficult. Connect to the switch with Hyperterminal tru the provided cable or Telnet (o ip_nr) if you gave the switch an IP adress in the default_vlan.
Enter a couple of times till u see the switch prompt, enter menu and navigate to VLAN add the LAN subnet with range and save. Navigate with the menu to VLAN port assignment and assign the ports you want to use in the VLAN LAN, save and exit. Now you have grouped them together in a seperate subnet.

No need to tag porst and when there is no (redundant) second switch you do not need trunking.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Help with Procurve 2910al-24g vlan/routing config

in your current configuration you've got each VMswitch serving a single vlan and using a single dedicated port to connec to the outside.

These lans are separated! you need to tie them together somehow.
one option is to create a VM with multiple NIC's (in different vlan/Vswitch ) and configure this server as a router between the vlans.
Other option is to use an external router (eg your monowall)

To connect your procurve, you can do this in different ways.

1) not using trunks+ not using vlan tagging
- on the procurve switch create the same vlans
- and assign different ports untaged to a single vlan
- connect each port to the corresponding VNIC.
- create another port for each vlan
- connect a router with multiple interfaces
- configure routing between these interfaces.

2) using a single port of the procurve with vlan tagging
- configure the port tagged for all vlans
- configure all Vswitch to use the same single NIC, but an internal network for different vlan's
- connect this nic to the procurve
- configure another port tagged for each vlan
- configure a router port tagged for each vlan (or subinterface for each vlan)
- configure routing between these (sub)interfaces.

3) using multiple procurve ports (as a trunk)
and a port-group on vmware
- do the same as 2) but replace port/VNic by trunk/port-group
= configure the trunk tagged for all vlan's
- configure the VSwitch to use the port-group but for different vlans
- connect all portgroup nic to the procurve trunk-ports
- configure a router port tagged for each vlan (or subinterface for each vlan)
- configure routing between these (sub)interfaces.
Steve Wouden
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Re: Help with Procurve 2910al-24g vlan/routing config

Thanx for the info guys. I certainly will play with the procurve, but i don't need routing to solve my issue.
I've been testing the lefthand p4000 on in vmware workstation, and have to use the ISCSI initiator in the VM client to add the disk created on the SAN..
But on a ESX host i have to assigne the disk to the ESX host, and add it to the VM throught the ADD Hardware wizard..
Somehow the vmware workstation procedure got stuck in my head..
Stupid, dom.. i know.. the id10t issue..
Sorry for the spam, but thanx for the info..