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Help with VLAN setup.

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Help with VLAN setup.



I need some help with VLAN's. Im new on this!

My network consists of Procurve 1800-series switches.. 

I have some AP's (netgear WNDAP360)  that can operate on multiple VLAN's. 

I have setup 2 WLAN's, Staff and Guest,  to use VLAN 1 and VLAN 100.


Now to the question. On the older 1800-24G, I can add ports to 2 VLAN's, 1 and 100. In this configuration I can use both Staff and Guest WLAN's as it should be.  


On the newer 1810-24G it seems that I can only add a port to one VLAN, or to TAG it. I can't figure out how to get both Staff and Guest WLAN's to work with the AP connected to this switch.. When I try adding the uplink port to VLAN 100 (for guest-wlan to have access to the dhcp-server), VLAN-1 stops working. 


Can somebody please tell my how the setup should be like for it to work?