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Hewlett Packard Switch 4108gl

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Hewlett Packard Switch 4108gl

Hewlett Packard Switch 4108gl
P/N: J4865A
Configured with an additional 24-port module giving a total of 96 10/100 ports.

Hi, can anyone please help, we are going mad trying to find out some info on the above switch.

We've had it for around 3 years and its never had a problem.

We need to find out if it is possible for this switch to support POE (power over ethernet) in any way at all.
Travis Truax

Re: Hewlett Packard Switch 4108gl

I don't think they ever made a card that supports PoE for the 4108.
We just use PoE injectors wherever needed.
Maybe a bit more clutter - but PoE switches seem to cost a bundle, and we tend to only need PoE on 1 or 2 ports per 24 port switch....

Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hewlett Packard Switch 4108gl

Hi, we run these switches too and have to use PowerDsine POE hubs to supply power for the phones.

I have never found any info about them being able to support POE in the modules themselves...
Where there is a will there is a way...