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High CPU after reboot on 2524

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High CPU after reboot on 2524

I've tested this on many 2524 (also offline, with only the serial cable connected) and on many firmware up to the last (F_5_72).
After rebooting, the CPU jumps to 90% for about 15-20 minutes ... and then drops down to a safer 15-20 (depending on traffic, users connected and the rest).

I suspect that this behavior can lead to a disaster in case of a mass rebooting wave (we have installations of hundreds of 2524 on the same lan) due to power failing.

Anyone knows if this is a known bug or ... err ... feauture? I've found no mention in the bug fix list ...

In attach I've put a CPU graph of a production switch, rebooted just to take this snapshot.

Tijl van der Steeg
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Re: High CPU after reboot on 2524

Came across these


"Please note that after you boot the switches they will stay in high CPU utilization for quite some time, but it should go down to reasonable figures in 15 minutes or so."

Seems like it's "behaviour by design"(as microsoft would put it)