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Hostname not in DHCP/DNS

Edwin Broertjes
Occasional Advisor

Hostname not in DHCP/DNS

The configured Hostname on my Procurve 2650, is not taken over in DHCP/DNS. There is no hostname in DHCP/DNS.

The hostname configured is: Switch-2650-Serverhok

How can I resolve this?
Regular Advisor

Re: Hostname not in DHCP/DNS

Are you using Windows 200x DHCP server which registers DHCP clients to DNS automatically?
Then I think you will have to manually register it in the DNS.

If I recall correctly, the automatic process requires a the DHCP client to include a FQDN in it's requests, which I guess the switch won't do in this case.

Generally, I'm not sure this works with anything other than Windows clients.

Anders :)
Edwin Broertjes
Occasional Advisor

Re: Hostname not in DHCP/DNS

I'm using Win2k3 with DHCP and DNS.
The problem is that DHCP does not take over the Hostname from my switch. For other switches it does the job perfect.